How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap

October 15, 2022

How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap

As you already know, online soccer betting has odds values ​​that can affect your profits. Different football markets have different methods of calculating odds formulas. Also, many types of online soccer betting have negative and positive ball odds. And although online soccer betting sites have calculated the results of winning soccer betting. But you still need to know the formula of this football betting. Get to know the secret codes of soccer odds that you can use to achieve big profits. So, let’s discuss everything for every market step by step. Examples of display images are explained in an easy-to-understand way for beginners and those who are developing their betting skills. It starts with reading the odds, the underball winning formula, a knowledge of ball parlays and other ball betting calculations.

Basic Explanation Of The Odds Of Soccer Betting

How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap
The definition of odds (height) in online soccer betting, according to one of the Sbobet online agents. Odds (height) is the coefficient value for sportsbook betting. It is usually fixed as a number, sometimes with plus and minus signs (+-). Everything goes back to the type of probability itself and where we choose the ball market. Therefore, we can conclude that the odds are the chance in decimal form and affect the income you will get. And, as explained above, probability can also be called khei in the form of minus (-).

The odds value can also be interpreted as a measure of which team will compete The purpose of this benchmark is to also know that soccer teams have different advantages. That way, odds and k values ​​are created to operate a fair football betting system between the two parties. There is also a term better known as handicap or voor/vooran in online soccer betting. And handicap is also a decimal form that can only be found in a small number of betting types. So when odds are created to provide a fair system for betting. Handicap values ​​are closer to match results. However, these two were created to provide a fair football betting system. However, there is one thing you need to know. A benchmark is just a benchmark that cannot be used as a determining factor in winning a football match. As the old one saying it goes, the ball is round. Therefore, the victory of the soccer team cannot be predicted and is 100% accurate. And these are some basic explanations of the odds of online soccer betting. Here’s how to calculate the soccer betting odds formula for different types of markets.

How To Calculate Odds Formula For Handicap Soccer Betting

Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap
The first type of market we will discuss is handicap soccer betting odds. And handicap bets have plus and minus or chi odds values. Here’s how to calculate the odds formula in handicap soccer betting: And to bet on the ball handicap market, simply tap on one team’s odds type. Doing so will change the selected odds value to the same value as -1.13 above. So, here’s how to calculate odds and k values ​​in handicap markets:

  • Handicap probability formula or positive probability value

If you place 100 on Arsenal with handicap value of 0-0.5 or -¼ (minus a quarter) and a odds value of 1.05. So, if you lose, your balance will be deducted according to your bet amount. In other words, because you lost, your 100 bets are immediately forfeited. However, if you win the bet, your profit is 1.05 (probability) x 100 = 105. Doing so will increase your credit balance by 205, including any previously installed capital.

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  • Khei handicap formula or negative probability value

If you bet 100 on Everton with a handicap value of -1.13 and odds of -1.13. And if you win, you get 200 profit including installed capital. However, how to calculate the loss if you lose, you can use the following formula: 1.12 (probability) x 100 (bet) = 112. Then the balance is deducted by 112 because negative probability values ​​have a tax called khei.

Easy Tricks to Win Playing Soccer Gambling at SBOBET

August 2, 2022

When you play SBOBET online soccer gambling, there are no surefire tricks that include you winning easily playtech slot indonesia, but in a winning or losing session you feel back to the basis of our understanding of the gambling game itself.

Most people now admit to having serious problems when it comes to dealing with the boredom and stress they feel in their daily work, especially if they have to work late into the night. To find out what’s worse, you need to know how to deal with them. One of the most effective steps is to get entertainment such as watching a football match – be it live in a stadium near your home or through your television screen. However, if you want to get an unforgettable and stressful entertainment sensation, then you can play gambling games that are out there through various agents and one of them is a trusted SBOBET soccer gambling agent. Most soccer gambling enthusiasts in the country claim to be very satisfied with the gambling action in it, not only judged by the entertainment factor – but also the income factor.

If you have a great desire to play soccer gambling at a certain agent such as the SBOBET soccer gambling agent, then you must understand that there are a number of things that need to be considered when carrying out the gambling action. For that, there are a number of tricks you can do to increase your chances of winning and losing later.

So, what is the trick in question?

The first step you can do is about how much capital gain you want to place. Each person certainly has different capabilities in preparing the capital to be used in gambling. The goal here is to keep yourself away from a large level of loss due to your lack of experience in SBOBET soccer gambling.

Tricks to predict soccer gambling games and to win easily, lets check it out :

1. Avoid placing bets with emotional feelings
2. Place your bets on the goals you have in mind from the start
3. Watch the progress of your bets on a regular basis
4. If there is a goal in the match then accept the situation and place a bet on the next target
5. Place your bet on the blue or minus ODDS
6. You must have a computer, laptop or cellphone to play SBOBET soccer gambling online

The next step is about how you can control gamble professionally. All soccer lovers must have experienced the beginner times when doing this action, but over time you will increase your abilities – here you will gain experience and the right strategy. What you should pay attention to before placing a bet on your favorite football club is to keep looking for more in-depth information by reading articles related to the club of your choice such as this article. The more often you dig up information before you start gambling, the greater your chances of winning.

In addition to sports book games, there are many other games that can be played and are no less exciting than sportsbook games. Of course, all of that requires proper emotional management as well as in playing the various games on sbobet. If the emotion management that you apply is not right, it will end in a very big defeat.

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Football Gambling Formula For Beginner

May 19, 2022

Football Gambling Formula For Beginners

What is over under in online soccer betting? Do you want to win big? Before heading into the game, it is better to know what OU means. Then there are any types of online ball installation. In the world of soccer gambling, there are various categories in placing live soccer bets. Several types of betting bets such as handicap, mix parlay, over under, 1×2, correct score and many more. Of these types, we will discuss about OU. Why are we discussing the bet? Of course, because it has advantages and many open ball markets for street ball matches.

How to Calculate the Over Under Football Gambling Game Market

Over under is a type of bet where you are required to guess the number of goals in a match. In this bet, you do not choose the team that wins and loses when competing. Because this type of bet can be classified as a single pair or multiple betting package. Do you already know the OU calculation? Alright, let’s see how it’s calculated.

0.5-1 (¾ BALL)

1. Win Over : If the match ends with 2 goals or more.
2. Win 1/2 Over : If the match ends so only 1 goal is scored.
3. Win Under : When in a match there is no goal at all.

1.50-2 (¾ BALL)

1. Win Over : If the match ends with 3 goals or more
2. Win 1/2 Over : If the match ends so only 2 goals is scored.
3. Win Under : There was only 1 goal in the game

2 (2 BALL)

1. Win Over : The number of goals scored in a match of 3 goals or more.
2. Draw or Draw: The match ends with only 2 goals scored. Example: 2-0, 1-1, 0-2

Football gambling formula

If you already understand how to playing and also calculations in the over under ball game. Are you ready to get a reap tens of millions of profits from ? We have a lot of powerful trick formula how to win in playing Football gambling. Are you curious? Let’s check the list of formula :

The Formula How To Win in Playing Over Under Football Gambling

The formula for playing OU that we have provided has been proven to generate tens of millions with only a small capital. We provide a tactics for playing online soccer gambling in Indonesia.


Each world league has a different goal average. Although it is still not known what causes it. We take the example of the Taiwan and Japan leagues 6.50 goals per game. Then English league which has the lowest goal score of 3.25. So in conclusion, the Asian league often plays with a score of 1 or 2. Much different from the English league which has a minimum score of 2 per game. If we conclude why the European leagues are more likely to end with big scores. So if you want to bet, pay attention to the number of goals the team will compete with.


John Haigh wrote a book called “Taking Chanes”. Found the table calculates the probability of occurrence of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or more of the total percentage of goals per game. With the example table above, it is easy to determine a goal in a match. For example the home team has an average chance of 1.2 goals and the away team 0.8. So the percentage of chances is under 2.5. How to calculate a formula is very easy to do, first thing you have to determine the correct score first.

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If you already get the percentage, the possibility is under from the example above. The safest way is to determine good odds to play. To change the percentage that has been made to decimal odds = 100/possibility. Like the example above, the possibility is under 2.5 with a percentage of 67.56%. That can be put into the formula to be 100/67.56 = 1.48. You understand what it means? That means you have to place if the given odds are higher than 1.48. Can this method work? Than you wonder in your heart. Why not bet and try the right formula that we give you.

Tips To Play SBOBET For Beginners

April 3, 2022

Tips To Play SBOBET For Beginners

Are you a true football lover? Don’t claim to be a football lover if you haven’t done this one thing. Online soccer betting is a must for true soccer lovers, your experience watching your favorite team will be very different if you follow soccer betting bets. The euphoria of watching football matches becomes even higher when you participate in playing soccer betting. This is because by following an online soccer agent, of course you will be waiting and eager to follow the game. The reason is, of course, because there is a huge winning prize if you manage to win an online soccer betting bet.

Only play soccer gambling bets at a trusted soccer gambling agent which guarantees that any winnings that you win will be able to take it with a very easy and fast process. Choosing a trusted official soccer site as your choice to play online soccer gambling is very important. Your experience of playing soccer betting will depend on the quality of the soccer gambling site you choose. Therefore, make sure you choose a soccer dealer that already has the best reputation and is also trusted by thousands of members throughout Indonesia.

Online Soccer Gambling

For those of you who are just starting to play online soccer gambling, there are some important things you need to know. Online soccer betting is not a bet that only relies on the goddess of luck. You must have the ability to analyze the course of a match to be able to predict the course of a football match and win the bet. Therefore, if you want to play online soccer betting, you must know the types of bets first.

Here are some types of online soccer betting bets that are often played:


In this type of soccer bet, there are 3 choices that you can play. 1 means that you support the home team or the home team to be able to win the match that will take place. If you choose 2 then you predict that the guest team or the guest team visiting the opponent’s cage will win the match. But if you believe that the match will end in a draw then X is the right choice for you. This betting game is usually played when the teams that meet are equally strong.

Over Under

This type of over under soccer bet is played by guessing the total score of a match with a guess from the soccer bookie. The dealer will provide a total score prediction and the player must guess whether the final score of the actual match will be greater than the dealer’s prediction (over) or less than the dealer’s prediction (under). By looking at the history of meetings between the two teams, you may be able to predict the total number of goals that will occur.


Whereas in odd/even football betting, you have to guess the final score will end in odd (odd) or even (even). If you believe that the score of a football match will end with an odd score such as 1-0, 1-2, 2-3, and many other possibilities then you have to play odd bets. However, if you believe that the score will end even, then you have to choose an even bet to play.


Handicap bets will be played when an unseeded team meets a winning team, because the final result of this match is very visible, therefore the bookie will give an additional score to the unseeded team in his prediction of the score. This is known as “voor”. To be able to win handicap soccer bets you have to guess the total final score of this match with the score that has been added to the “voor”.

Mix Parlay

This online soccer betting is the most widely played favorite type of bet. You can play online soccer betting on the site The reason is that the Mix Parlay type bet can provide a very large advantage for the players if they win this bet. The way to play mix parlay bets is to play several bets at once and if you want to win this type of bet you have to win the whole bet. So even if you play 5 bets at once where 4 of them win and only 1 bet loses then you will be considered a loser. Although it has a very high risk, the winnings that you will get from this type of bet are also of course worth the risk. You can get multiple times your winnings from your initial bet. Therefore, even though it is high risk, mix parlay soccer betting is still a favorite online soccer betting bet because it has brought many advantages for anyone who plays it.

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Information on the Latest Types of Sports Selected as Online Gambling Media

January 14, 2022
Latest Types of Sports Selected as Online Gambling Media

Nowadays, online gambling is one of the daily menus. The number of gambling players who do this online is incalculable. It is not surprising that many advertisements regarding online gambling are rife on various sites. However, what is interesting is that gambling is now not only about cards or slots, but also involves many sports.

Three bucks, for fans of sports and gambling, this is certainly fun. However, not all sports are used as betting venues. Only a few are interested in gambling players, what are they? Take a look at the list below!

Football and gambling are like bread and butter, they are inseparable. Knowing that football is a sport that is used as a gambling medium is not something new. Even ordinary gambling people know that football matches will not be far from gambling.

This is because football has fans that are so massive and spread all over the world. In addition, there are also many football matches with very famous teams and players. In other words, the game of football itself has become part of world-class online gambling.

Currently, there are many sites that hold online soccer gambling. To access it is also very easy. Prospective players just need to register or register and be ready with their favorite betting options and clubs. In addition, the football game itself is enlivened with world market matches that are a pity to miss.

Live sportbook gambling

In addition to soccer, basketball is also said to be a sport that is full of gambling. Although the development is not as big as a football match, but basketball itself has a place in the hearts of gambling players. Many big and strong teams compete in this sport, such as the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and many others.

As is known, basketball matches are also in demand by the world community. From this, it is not surprising that basketball matches have been chosen to be one of the sports that are used as betting events. There are not many gambling sites that accommodate betting on basketball matches themselves. So, gambling players who want to place bets through this sport, can enter the soccer gambling site.

Why is that? This is to add variety to the game, so players don’t get bored just by placing bets on football matches. Although the betting options are not as big as football matches, basketball games are also very interesting to be used as betting venues. Curious to try?

Boxing is a sport that has long been used as a betting event. It can be said that the match between these two boxers has long been in the conventional gambling world. And as technology develops, now gambling players can place bets on their boxing champions.

Many gamblers are happy with boxing as a medium. This is because boxing itself is very easy to follow. With this match, players only need to guess who will win or who will KO first. Unlike the soccer game, which requires a strategy to guess the score or perform other betting techniques.

Have you ever heard that cq9 swimming is used as a betting material in the world of online gambling? Maybe there are still many online gambling players who are surprised by this. Indeed, it can be said that it is very rarely in demand that swimming is a sport in online gambling. However, not a few people like it.

The reason is, choosing who will win in swimming sports matches tends to be easy. By collecting information about the athletes, gambling players can guess easily who can bring them the bet money. Also, swimming tends to be less boring than gambling. This is because there are many variants of height or depth that must be chosen by these athletes and of course this is also used as a betting event.

Who would have thought that tennis is the oldest known sport in online gambling. In the past, tennis was a sport that had many fans and spectators. This condition makes them want to make tennis as a betting arena. However, unfortunately the tennis match was not long in the hearts of gamblers.

Why is that so? This is because tennis matches are not held repeatedly, usually only one season a year. This is what makes gambling players think that the betting cycle will be very long. In addition, a single tennis match takes a long time to reach the specified score.

Maybe it was this case that finally made the tennis match no longer number one. Even so, tennis is still categorized as a sport that can be used as a betting event, even quite prestigious because it is not held as often as possible like football matches. If you want to try, be sure to enrich yourself with information about tennis matches and the players.

It was not unexpected that many sports were chosen as a medium for online gambling. On the bright side, gambling players who like sports can be very entertained with this facility. What must be known, gambling players before placing bets on certain types of sports must know information about the system or technical details of the match.

Tips on How to Play Parlay

July 2, 2021
Tips on How to Play Parlay

Tips on how to play parlay through trusted agents in Asia can be found on the pragmatic casino official website, where you can play mix parlays through the best current providers.

Online soccer betting on this site includes , Of course you are very familiar with all the providers above, right? In all of these providers you can play mix parlay bets that you want, of course.

In the mix parlay game, of course, what is really expected is to be able to win because this bet has a high winning payout, but to be able to win in this bet means you also have to know how to play mix parlay properly and correctly first.

How to Play Mix Parlay Betting

How to Play Mix Parlay Betting

Mix parlay is a type of online soccer bet where you have to place bets on 3 teams in 1 package, where you can also play with various types of soccer bets as below:


Another name for handicap is street ball, in this bet you have to play with the voor-vooran on the football betting market as provided by the provider center where you will play later.

Voor means the team that gives points to the opponent before the match starts, usually the team that gives voor is the team that really has the advantage in the match.

The following is the voor in handicap betting, which is as follows:

A. Voor 0
B. Voor 0.25 (1/4)
C. Handicap 0.5 (1/2)
D. Handicap 0.5 – 1 (3/4)
E. Handicap 1

1 X 2

This is the easiest type of bet to learn and play because here you only have to choose between:

1 = Home Team
X = Draw
2 = Away Team

Over Under

In this bet the player must guess the result of the goal from 1 ongoing match, over means exceeding and under means not exceeding the number of goals that are already in the market.

Odds / Even

Odd / Even is a type of bet where players must guess the number of goals in 1 match, both for betting the first half (half time) or full time (full time), whether it will be odd (odd) or even (even).

Odd = 1, 3, 5, 7,
Even = 0, 2, 4, 6.

You place a bet on an even number, it will be declared a full win.
If you place a bet on an odd number, it will be declared a full loss.

Correct Score

In this type of bet, the player must guess the final score of the ongoing match. For this bet, it is not seen which team will come out the winner and applies to the first half (HT) and also the full round (FT).

For example: If you guess the result of the match between Everton Vs Stoke City is 2 – 0, it means that the result of the match will have to be 2 goals for Everton’s victory and the result of the match cannot be reversed

In addition, if your number prediction is not included in the selection, then you can choose it in AOS (any other score), all odds in AOS are of course based on the football bookmaker in the provider you play, of course.

The following is the calculation of the odds on the mix parlay bet, namely:

  • If you win in full, the odds will be calculated fixed.
  • If you win half, the odds will be calculated as 1/2.
  • If you lose half, the odds will be calculated as 0.5.
  • If the final result of the match is a draw, the match will not be counted.
  • If there is 1 team that loses, then all your mix parlay bets will be declared lost.
  • Odds is a coefficient value in an online soccer betting bet and usually has a + (plus) and – (minus) value, the calculation is very simple, namely:

If you place a bet on a team that has + (plus) odds and win, then you will get paid more than the initial bet placed.

If you place a bet on a team with an odds value of – (minus) and lose, then you will lose more than the initial value of the bet.

Also get to know some terms in the world of online soccer betting, such as the following:

  • Home = Home Team
  • Away = Away Team
  • FT = Full Time (Description for Full Round)
  • HT = Half Time (The designation for the first half)
  • Those are some explanations on how to play mix parlay that you need to know before starting to play, on this occasion we will also provide playing tips so that you can win in betting easily.

Before choosing the team you want to install, it’s a good idea to do some research first about the quality of the team to be selected, such as their performance in the previous match and also the head to head last meeting between the two teams.

Before starting to place a bet, first pay attention to the odds on the team that you will install whether it can provide benefits for you or vice versa.

For those of you beginners who are just trying their luck in this mix parlay bet, try playing with bet types that are easy to understand such as: 1 X 2, Over Under and also Odd / Even.

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How to Play Sbobet Basketball

June 25, 2021

How to Play Sbobet Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular games and it is often the talk of many people. Because in addition to being very exciting, this basketball game is also very cool to use as a betting material, just like in football games.

But unfortunately not everyone knows how to play sbobet basketball correctly. So they don’t know how to calculate and place bets on basketball games, such as the NBA, NBL or NCAA. So don’t be surprised if there are some bettors who become discouraged from playing basketball sbobet, because they don’t know how to play basketball sbobet.

For this reason, in order to overcome this, we will now present a quote about how to play sbobet basketball based on pur bets, then how to place a bet, and even how to calculate the score for the type of basketball sport.

How to Play Sbobet Basketball

As we have said that not everyone knows how to play sbobet basketball correctly, for this reason we will give an example of playing sbobet basketball, including:

For example, when you enter a match in the second half of basketball, where in general the quarters in a basketball game are 4 quarters or rounds, so if you enter the second half, then you will be counted 1-2 quarters as the first half, while for 3 – 4 quarters are counted as second half. For this reason, if you place a First Half bet, it means you only bet on quarters 1-2, and vice versa if you place Full Time for this type of bet, it means you have played in the 1-4 quarter round.

How to Play Sbobet Basketball based on Pur – an

Play Sbobet Basketball

If previously we only discussed examples of how to play sbobet basketball, now is the time to tell us how to play sbobet basketball based on the pur – pur – by the way, which in general, whether in basketball matches or soccer matches, actually these two games are not there is a difference, when talking about the pur-an given. Because for this type of purge, it is not calculated from the number of goals created, but from the number of points created. Here’s how to play sbobet basketball based on the rules, including:

In playing sbobet basketball, it is divided into 2 types, namely for non live betting, and also live betting. Which we will describe as follows:

Non Live Betting

For this type of bet, it is one of the bets from sbobet for basketball matches that have not yet taken place. These bets include:

Asian Handicap

This type of bet is divided into odds and furans that have been determined by the Sbobet bet itself.

First To Score

As for this type of bet, a bet placed based on who will score the point score for the first time. However, if it turns out that the match is canceled or even postponed after a team has scored its first score, then your bets will still be valid and still run.

Highest Scoring Team per Quarter

Meanwhile, this one is a type of sbobet bet where you can win this bet if you manage to choose the team with the highest score for 1 Quarter, but not for the Overtime round.

Last to score

As the name implies, which means the last score, then you can say you have won this bet if you have chosen a team that was able to score the last time.

Odds / Even

Odd or even This is a bet that asks you to choose whether the outcome of the match will end with an even / odd score.


While for this one, you are asked to place a bet about the ranking on a team that will play a match.

Over / Under

Over and under is as the name suggests, so you bet based on the result of the over/under score of a predetermined one.

Race to 20

While for race to 20 this is a bet where you can choose which team will score 20 in the upcoming match.

Running Live Betting

Unlike non live betting, for running live betting at this is a bet that starts from an ongoing match. What is certain is that the way to play basketball sbobet for this type of bet only includes the Asian Handicap (fur – furan) and Over Under bets that have been set by SBOBET itself.

Well, that was about how to play sbobet basketball based on the fur – furan that has been set by sbobet. Of course if you want to bet on this match, then always try to bet on the right agent. So you will not lose with things that are not desirable.

Because as it is known that there are many bettors in the world who have failed and lost, to the point of being devastated just because he has failed to choose the right agent. That’s why if you still haven’t found the right agent, then just click here. We make sure that by joining us, we will tell you about how to play easy basketball sbobet and other things that will benefit you

Things to Avoid When Maintaining on Online Gambling Sites

May 27, 2021

Things to Avoid When Maintaining on Online Gambling Sites

To be successful in placing bets on online demo slot gambling sites, of course there are many things that bettors need to do practice on In addition there are things that are important to avoid so that bettors in this case will avoid many losses in bets made. If you really can get a lot of benefits then more can be one of the profitable things that can give you many of the expected results.

Getting a lot of advantages in online betting, of course, you have to bet well and throw away your ego so that many times the big profits will be easily obtained by the bettors, and here huge profits are very easy for the bettors to get. If you are interested in playing and joining you, you should try and find out how you can enjoy and feel the sensation of playing that is more enjoyable.

It should also be noted that there are actually many choices of gambling sites that offer various types of online betting games. Because there are so many choices available, then you must be able to make the right choice of game. You have to search and find based on several considerations so that then you can choose and determine one of the profitable options.

Things to Avoid in Online Betting

The disadvantages and losses in online betting are of course, in this case the bettors are very familiar with what should and should not be done in betting. The most important thing here is that gamblers must make bets in the right manner and avoid all causes regarding losing bets.

There are actually a lot of things that must be there, so you can avoid really joining and playing on one of the choices of gambling agent sites. The reason is that not all gambling agent sites cannot be trusted because there are some things that cannot be trusted at all. Even some of them are fake and con artists so it will be very detrimental if you get stuck there. What should be avoided when betting online? Check out the following things to avoid!

Place Big Bets from the Beginning

The habit of placing high bets from the start. Habits like this will have a very bad impact on online gambling. Even this behavior will result in a lot of lost opportunities in betting and will result in losses in bets. Large capital losses can occur as a result of this.

Hurry to place the bet

The bettor avoided the habit of rushing into a hurry. But it’s better if every time you place a bet, first consider what should be done and shouldn’t be done because if this happens there will be a lot of losses in the bet that will occur.

Not focus

Then avoid betting bets and playing the game unfocused. You must have a good focus on making these online soccer bets. Big losses and losses are usually caused by bettors who are not focused.

Just rely on luck

The betting game is not only a game that requires luck but you also need to have good skills and abilities. Therefore the mistake that has been made by many players so far is that many of them play only by relying on pure luck. It’s actually a bad thing that you shouldn’t do and it will be very harmful if you do it.

Conversation about things that cause defeat in online gambling. Make bets properly and correctly in order to be successful to get a lot of benefits. The variety of things available allows you to think logically and enter into and consider some of the possibilities that might occur. Therefore you have to care how to overcome you can remove doubts and also be able to play better and more can be obtained.

Types of Bet Online Betting

March 4, 2021
Types of Bet Online Betting

Have you ever known about Sbobet before? If you don’t know, we will explain the articles this time. Sbobet is a company known for its online-based gambling. Sbobet itself has been operating since the 2000s, so it’s no wonder that Sbobet has been very famous until now and there have been a lot of gambling in it. The sbobet casino itself also provides several online gambling games including online casinos, sportsbooks or online sports betting and so on.

Before we will get into the topic of the types of football betting types that are on Sbobet. We will ask you first, Do you already have an account to play online gambling at Sbobet? If not, you should be slow and very careful in choosing Sbobet online gambling agents, because now more and more soccer gambling agents are fake or just want to use your personal data for their own benefit. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing a soccer gambling agent.

Here Are Few Types Of Soccer Bets in Sbobet:

Here Are Few Types Of Soccer Bets in Sbobet:

1. Handicap

Handicap is the type of bet that we hear most often before. Handicap is a type of Sbobet bet that involves 2 teams using a fur fur system from one of the teams that according to Sbobet is more superior. So this type of bet is the type of bet that is mostly played by gamblers everywhere.

2. Over / Under (O / U) or over / under

is a type of football bet that is on Sbobet which bets the total number of goals from both sides of the competing team which will later total the number of goals from both teams whether below or above the market that is provided by Sbobet, to determine the market is very easy.


  • 2.5–3 = 2 3/4, if you take the over market and the total goals from both teams are 3. Then you only win half of your bet, but if you take the under market and the total goals of both teams are 2, then you win the bet as a whole.
  • 2.5 = 2 1/2, If you take the Over market and the total goals of both teams are 3 then you can win the whole bet, If if you take the Under market and the total of both teams is 2, then you win in full in the bet.
  • 3.0 = 3, if you take an Over bet and the total goals from both teams are 3, then the bet is declared a draw and the previous bet will be returned to their respective accounts. , If you take an over market and the total goals from both teams are 3, then the bet is considered a draw as well.

3. 1 x2

1×2 Is a type of bet that does not use the fur fur system. We only need to choose the final result of the match whether it is won by the visitors or the home team. So what you need to know is if you want to hold the home team you have to choose number 1, if you choose for the final draw then you have to choose X, if you are holding the away team then you have to choose number 2.

  • Home team wins = 1
  • Away win = 2
  • The final result of both teams draw = X

For the 1×2 game the calculation is very easy, that is, the total winnings are included with our betting capital. For example, if you place a bet of 100 then 100 x 2.17 = 217, this includes your stake. So if you win only 117, but if the odds are only 1.17 then 100 x 1.17 = 117, this includes your stake.

4. Odds / Even

Odds / Even or odd is one of the easiest types of bets. Only by guessing the total goals of both teams whether even or odd.

  • Odd = Odd, Wins when the total goals from both teams are 1,3,5,7 and so on.
  • Even = Even, Wins if the total goals from both teams are 0,2,4,6 and so on.

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Here's How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

Here’s How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

December 2, 2020

Is there a way to predict soccer gambling through the odds that appear? The answer, of course you can. Predicting the outcome of the match based on the odds that come out is very doable. In fact, this is the method that is often done by experts. Then, what is the way to predict it? The following is how to predict soccer gambling through odds.

Here’s How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

  • Victory Prediction
    At each odds, we see who is the superior team. For example, there are parties with other big teams, namely Liverpool against Chelsea. However, Liverpool as the host gave voor 1 to Chelsea. This means that Liverpool are very seeded to win over Chelsea. If you see odds like this, we can take Liverpool’s winning bet on the Asian Handicap menu.
  • Total Goal Prediction
    The number of goals that will be created can also be seen from the odds that appear a few hours before the match. For example, the match between top team Juventus and relegation zone residents Verona in Serie A. At the initial odds, the over-goal option that appears is 3.5. That means, there is a chance that Juventus can win by a landslide by 4 goals. If you see odds like this, you should also choose over.
  • Asian Handicap Predictions
    Asian Handicap betting only guesses what the outcome of the match will be. Either the hosts win, draw or the away team wins. The odds for the Asian Handicap are usually decimal numbers. For example, like 1.56 or 1.85 in each choice. If the Asian Handicap odds are 1.3 or even below, then the team with that score is predicted to emerge as the winner.
  • First Half Odds Prediction
    We can also make predictions in the first half. First half odds are usually quite fast. Usually, many bettors place under in this first half. We recommend that, before the match, make sure to study the odds that appear so that you are not late when placing bets.

That’s how to predict soccer gambling through odds and right here you  can see all the the best odds ever. The way that can be said is quite simple and not complicated. The more often you read the odds, the greater the chance to win.

How to analyze Weird odds

“Weird Odds” I mean here occur in “Indo Odds” when we play Betting Online, specifically here I use as a reference. Indeed, there are several opportunities for “Weird Odds” to be missed, but from my calculations “Weird Odds” have an accuracy level of almost 80%, meaning that in 10 occasions there are 2 that miss, not bad?

OK, I’ll just give you an example,

How to analyze Weird oddsIn the match between Kawasaki Frontale VS Tokyo Verdy, Kawasaki Frontale gave poor 1-1.5 or 11/4, with Odds -1.090 to Tokyo Verdy. Here it is not clear which team we will hold, so try to pay attention to the second option, Kawasaki Frontale only gives poor 1 to Tokyo Verdy, it shows that the odds given are -1.560, this is what I call “odd odds”. If we find “Weird Odds” like this, then we will take the team that has the “Weird Odds”, namely Kawasaki Frontale by giving poor by 1-1.5 or 11/4. And the results of the match are:

How to analyze Weird odds

Kawasaki Frontale won 3-0.

This strange odds also occurred in the match between Yokohama Marinos VS Tochigi SC, with the final score of Yokohama Marinos winning 3-1.