Here's How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

Here’s How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

December 2, 2020

Is there a way to predict soccer gambling through the odds that appear? The answer, of course you can. Predicting the outcome of the match based on the odds that come out is very doable. In fact, this is the method that is often done by experts. Then, what is the way to predict it? The following is how to predict soccer gambling through odds.

Here’s How To Predict Football Gambling Through Odds

  • Victory Prediction
    At each odds, we see who is the superior team. For example, there are parties with other big teams, namely Liverpool against Chelsea. However, Liverpool as the host gave voor 1 to Chelsea. This means that Liverpool are very seeded to win over Chelsea. If you see odds like this, we can take Liverpool’s winning bet on the Asian Handicap menu.
  • Total Goal Prediction
    The number of goals that will be created can also be seen from the odds that appear a few hours before the match. For example, the match between top team Juventus and relegation zone residents Verona in Serie A. At the initial odds, the over-goal option that appears is 3.5. That means, there is a chance that Juventus can win by a landslide by 4 goals. If you see odds like this, you should also choose over.
  • Asian Handicap Predictions
    Asian Handicap betting only guesses what the outcome of the match will be. Either the hosts win, draw or the away team wins. The odds for the Asian Handicap are usually decimal numbers. For example, like 1.56 or 1.85 in each choice. If the Asian Handicap odds are 1.3 or even below, then the team with that score is predicted to emerge as the winner.
  • First Half Odds Prediction
    We can also make predictions in the first half. First half odds are usually quite fast. Usually, many bettors place under in this first half. We recommend that, before the match, make sure to study the odds that appear so that you are not late when placing bets.

That’s how to predict soccer gambling through odds and right here you  can see all the the best odds ever. The way that can be said is quite simple and not complicated. The more often you read the odds, the greater the chance to win.

How to analyze Weird odds

“Weird Odds” I mean here occur in “Indo Odds” when we play Betting Online, specifically here I use as a reference. Indeed, there are several opportunities for “Weird Odds” to be missed, but from my calculations “Weird Odds” have an accuracy level of almost 80%, meaning that in 10 occasions there are 2 that miss, not bad?

OK, I’ll just give you an example,

How to analyze Weird oddsIn the match between Kawasaki Frontale VS Tokyo Verdy, Kawasaki Frontale gave poor 1-1.5 or 11/4, with Odds -1.090 to Tokyo Verdy. Here it is not clear which team we will hold, so try to pay attention to the second option, Kawasaki Frontale only gives poor 1 to Tokyo Verdy, it shows that the odds given are -1.560, this is what I call “odd odds”. If we find “Weird Odds” like this, then we will take the team that has the “Weird Odds”, namely Kawasaki Frontale by giving poor by 1-1.5 or 11/4. And the results of the match are:

How to analyze Weird odds

Kawasaki Frontale won 3-0.

This strange odds also occurred in the match between Yokohama Marinos VS Tochigi SC, with the final score of Yokohama Marinos winning 3-1.

Start Betting Football For Beginners 2020

November 24, 2020
Start Betting Football For Beginners 2020

For beginners, aka newcomers, how to play beginner soccer gambling will help you win. Beginners are still unfamiliar with many things, so it is only appropriate that beginners need a guide on how to play. There are many how-to guides that you can choose and do depending on yourself.

For the easiest, of course, is a guide with mentoring with professional players. But those of you who have no relationship it is impossible to do it. It needs a broad relationship and it will not be possible for professional players to share it with just anyone. So, those of you who don’t have a relationship certainly won’t be able to do it.

The best way to do this is by reading a guide on how to play beginner soccer gambling like this. We try to provide a basic guide for those of you who are still confused about playing. There is not much we can provide. However, with this capital, we are sure that all of you beginners will be able to play properly.

The sequence for how to play beginner football betting 2020

The sequence for how to play beginner football betting 2020

You can do a sequence of ways to play football gambling for beginners by providing infrastructure for playing online. In 2020, the land ball gambling game is no longer suitable to play. Indeed, there are still a handful of people who play it. But these people were elderly players with a small circle.

It would be better to play online because there will be many conveniences you can get. By preparing the facilities and infrastructure to play online. Don’t forget to prepare capital for betting. You can prepare the capital to bet independently using your own work results.

After preparing all the preparations properly and correctly. Register to get a soccer gambling account online. With this account you will be able to play online without being limited by anything. Want to be anywhere and anytime, as long as you the internet will still be able to make you play.

To get started with how to play beginner soccer gambling, you must deposit the capital you have. Your capital that you have prepared must be deposited in order to play the game. You are free to play any game to your ability. You can play parlay, voor, and so on because in online soccer gambling, the game market is complete.

By playing in the game, you will be able to increase the balance that you deposit. The addition to the balance of this victory is the advantage you get in playing soccer gambling. So, just withdraw your winning balance without wasting your valuable time.

Love soccer gambling is like playing a hobby, not a business
Unfortunately, from how to play soccer gambling, beginners can really make it easier. Many players have complained about big losses. This defeat will instantly bankrupt many players. Therefore, try to play not to see soccer gambling not as a business but as a hobby.

By loving soccer gambling as a hobby, no matter what the results will still bring pleasure to you. Usually this love will grow automatically if you enjoy the game. So, those of you who play in a tense atmosphere will definitely not enjoy it. Playing is like supporting your favorite team who will not be strapped for something.

In this way, just follow the Nobar event which is often held in the city center. With Nobar, who knows, you will get the same circle so you can form a bigger playing community. Don’t underestimate the role of the community because the community will be able to increase the chances of winning the game.

It would be better for the community to create a program to use referrals. With this program, it is not impossible that all members will play cheaper because they will be assisted by other players. How to play soccer gambling beginners help each other in using referrals. Could be a great thing to welcome the game even better.

Loving soccer gambling as a hobby will definitely make the game easy. The way to play that you have mastered will help you to love soccer gambling. Therefore, apply the sequence of ways to play soccer gambling for beginners 2020 on the best and most trusted soccer gambling agents certified by the Indonesian state.

This article source credit is from mabosbet and translated to english from indonesian language.

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How To Win Sportsbook on This Pandemic Time

November 6, 2020

How To Win Sportsbook on This Pandemic Time

Successful gambling is a very rare breed. Statistically, people who are profitable over the long term are rarely found in a sports environment. Unfortunately, so far many people don’t know how to win soccer bets.

These successful players share common characteristics that help them outperform the sport. Next, we will discuss some common features of successful sports betrayal.

After viewing this list, you can edit some of these areas to make them look the same. By honing some of these skills yourself, you will know how to win soccer bets. So that you can win a lot when playing on a trusted soccer gambling site like

12 Ways to Win Ball Betting

12 Ways to Win Ball Betting

We have compiled a list of the most common traits of a successful sports traitor. Although this list is not exhaustive, it does contain important characteristics of these traitors.

It is important to note that a traitor who knows how to win soccer betting does not have to share all of these traits, but most of them. Then here we go!

1. Sports knowledge

The general nature of this sporting traitor should be clear, but we want to make sure we report it. To be successful, athletes must have a solid understanding of the sport. Without this feature, it is almost impossible to master sports betting.

Good knowledge of this sport allows athletes to successfully understand what can affect their bets.

These successful players know their sporting skills and are aware of the various factors that can influence the outcome of a sports event. This allows them to place more educated bets than those who know nothing about the sport.

2. How to win soccer bets with mathematics

The sports circle contains a lot of lift, you have to learn everything so you can win the soccer bet. Unless you have some math knowledge, it’s hard to know what all these numbers mean to you and your sports circle.

Successful athletes have excellent math skills. With these skills, they can quickly see the importance of the data they have access to. Often times, this type of betrayal counts serious numbers in determining which bets to place.

Ultimately, these players use their strong math skills to quickly analyze and interpret data and make quick and smart betting decisions.

3. Win soccer bets with money management

Another thing successful athletes do is manage money. Without good financial management skills, it is difficult to have a long and successful career in the world of sports. Investing too much in your bank’s bankroll on this game can affect your bank balance. This is a common mistake of common traitors.

Successful athletes themselves will set and follow strict money management guidelines no matter what. Instead of overturning the fence at all costs, the goal of a successful athlete is to make money in the long run.

4. Evaluate all factors for winning soccer bets

Recreational athletes often consider only a few factors when making betting decisions, such as B. which team to prefer. Although there is more information to evaluate, the average athlete tends to stop at that point.

However, successful athletes evaluate all the factors at play, not just the basics. When it comes to successful sports traitors, they peel off as many layers of onions as possible. Even though the stats were basically good, these traitors dug deep to evaluate all the factors at play.


Successful players take into account the health of all players, not just quarterbacks and wide receivers. In addition, they will often think about things like the revenge of the team and the team that caused the big loss and how that could affect the game.

In order to become a successful sports traitor, you can do your best to assess as much as possible.

It may take some time to practice thinking outside the box, but in doing so, you are working to improve the professional way of doing it. If you think outside the box and observe all aspects of the game, you are likely to achieve something that many others may have missed.

5. Emotional control

One of the most important things that distinguishes professional gamers from recreational gamers is that professionals can control their emotions. Unfortunately, amateur traitors don’t really understand this.

Like some of the other things that make us successful sports traitors, controlling our emotions is easier said than done. Recreational sports traitors often get carried away with their emotions.

When a recreational athlete grows up in a family of Green Bay Packers fans, it can be hard not to bet on the Packers, regardless of odds and dates.

However, a successful sports player who also grew up in a fanatical family of Green Bay Packers will know when to express his love for the Packers in order to make wise gambling decisions.

Emotional control is a difficult habit to master. Still, it’s impossible to become a successful sports traitor if you can’t let go of your feelings.

Too often, emotions get in the way of accurate data-driven gambling decisions. If you want to be a successful gamer, you have to learn to control your emotions to make decisions based on data, not your emotions.

6. Online shopping

Another common trait of successful sports traitors is that they buy the outline. Unlike recreational sports traitors who usually rely on individual bookmakers, these traitors usually buy their line from multiple bookmakers.

The best thing about buying online is that you can get the maximum value from your winning bet.

If you’re not shopping right now, this is something to keep in mind. However, we recommend that you sign up for at least two different weather conditions. When you are ready to bet, make sure to buy a line between the two bettors.

Your goal is to find the one that offers the best price. While it doesn’t rely too much on a single bet, shopping online can significantly increase your bottom line as you get better at sports betting. If you don’t line up, you end up leaving money on the table and it’s no fun!

7. Strong discipline

When it comes to successful sports traitors, another trait they have is strong discipline. This strong discipline allows these traitors to stick to the plan and focus on the overall long-term goals

Unfortunately this is not the hallmark of most common traitors. Strong discipline is key if you want to be successful at sports betting.

Successful athletes will benefit from strong discipline in betting planning, fund management, and general betting attack planning. Emotions can play a role in bad disciplinary decisions, which is why these traitors have strong emotional control and discipline. Without it, it’s too easy to stray.

8. Ability to understand value

Successful athletes have a good sense of value. In recreational betting, the value of the bet is not usually analyzed. For them, they just pick a winner and cancel it.

However, a successful player will check the total value of the bet to determine if the risk is worth it. What successful sports players are looking for are high quality bets.

The ideal bet would have a large payout potential with relatively little risk. The aim of these traitors was not to risk large sums of money for low total profits.

By understanding value, successful athletes seek to make more money. Unlike the common traitor who is not looking for value, the long-term successful gambler will stand out to find that added value. For more information on values, see our article on probability and value.

9. Strong analytical skills

Another way of winning football bets that successful athletes often have is great analytical skills. There is a lot of data to analyze in sports betting. To be successful, you need to be able to study and interpret historical data, possible bets, etc.

Without these skills, it is difficult to achieve long-term success. Successful athletes often create their own systems that allow them to analyze all the data that is important to them.

In some cases, they use programs like Microsoft Excel or other proprietary software that they have created themselves. The goal of this traitor is to study and analyze as much data as possible to make the best decisions.

Unfortunately, analyzing data is not common for many people. Unless you are a financial analyst or banker, you may not have received formal training in data analytics.

The good news is that you can learn to analyze data better if you take the time to study. If data analytics today isn’t for you, there are plenty of tips and research online to help you improve your analytical skills.

10. Ability to have a long-term vision

Patience is the typical successful sports traitor’s way of winning. Many athletes quickly become discouraged after several consecutive defeats. What sets successful players apart is that they can step back and choose a long-term perspective.

Successful athletes know that not all bets will win. Sports traitors, however, set goals they continue to try to win. Despite losing streaks, successful traitors understand that what they do has ups and downs.

In general, successful sports bookmakers win between 50% and 60% of their average stake.

It is important to note that this means they are still far away. To keep the game going, these traitors will learn from the losses and realize that sometimes it’s always part of the process.

It’s important that you have a long-term vision if you want to become a better athlete. There will be setbacks along the way. However, don’t be held back by these setbacks and keep improving your skills.

If you give up too quickly and easily, you run the risk of losing something bigger. The sooner you start looking at sports betting in the long run, the more likely you are to become a successful sports traitor.

11. Strong organizational skills

Another important characteristic of successful sports betting is usually strong organizational skills. As previously mentioned, there is a lot of data on sports betting.

These players will be able to organize and structure this information well to understand it. It doesn’t matter how much data you have access to if you can’t solve it and make an accurate estimate.

Strong organizational skills also help to keep track of the bets you have placed. Tracking your bets is an important part of managing your bankroll.

If you can’t handle this, you will likely run into problems with your money. The successful seller keeps a careful record of placed bets and also records the associated wins and losses.

If organizational skills don’t match yours, you can definitely improve. We recommend that you track your bets first. You can use something as simple as pencil and paper.

However, we recommend using something from a computer like Microsoft Excel. Its main purpose is to record your sports betting history.

With this organized data, you can take benchmarks to check your historical trends and see what worked for you and what didn’t. As a bonus, you get a better idea of ​​the health of your sports betting bankroll.

12. Flexible, easy to set up, durable

To be successful, athletes must be flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Successful sports traitors will know that conditions change over time, which means their plans and strategies must change too.

Flexible and easy to set up is key. Those who don’t want to change their habits are less likely to succeed over time. Persistence is a way of winning successful soccer betting.

Sometimes you feel like the king of the world, and sometimes you feel like an elephant that has just stepped on you. A successful player remains resilient even in tough times and knows to take the good with the bad.

If your goal is to become a successful athlete, do your best to be third. This is easier said than done, but you should strive to become more agile, agile, and sustainable over time. Applying these traits will make you more familiar with some of the traits of a successful athlete.

How does the Mafia Agree to Match Settings?

How does the Mafia Agree to Match Settings?

July 22, 2020

It’s easy to accuse soccer matches or other sports of being infiltrated by match-fixing practices. But some people don’t really know about a match or competition can get results. It’s not as simple as bribing a player or referee to do something.

Basically fixing match settings not compatibility. Matching occurs when a party compiles to agree to lose, draw or win the opposing party without maximum success. Meanwhile, free all means to win, for example doping.

There are two types of match management in football, namely match management and gambling betting.

Arranging match settings that occur corruptors manipulate football matches to ensure one of the teams lose or draw. While match-fixing gambling takes place, a compilation of corruptors manipulates with the intention of gaining maximum profits on the betting market.

If you want to be beaten flat, match fixing only benefits one team, while gambling match fixing makes a team sabotaged by certain parties in the interest of the needy.

So in match-fixing gambling, a corruptor doesn’t care if Team A or Team B lose or win. They only care about their personal benefits. It would be better if they could control many parties (in this case Team A and B).

According to Betberry (gambling online agents who reports on match-fixing), 88.2% of cases that regulate match-fixing are initiated by team administrators. Then in match-fixing gambling, 86.4% “games” are initiated by external agents such as bookies or criminal organizations.

The game selection operation in football is also divided into two, namely small but often and long-term “games”; or “game” is very big but in a short amount of time. The second type of operation. For example: A dark horse can win the final.

Market Betting Effect

Actually match fixing is not always based on gambling (gambling). But gambling does affect the outcome of many sports matches because many people bet, from football, Formula 1 racing, cricket, even to the lowest level and do not attract public attention like the U16 women’s competition in the seventh division.

In betting or gambling markets, the main goal is determined. Therefore there are two settings that occur, namely to regulate the match and regulate the betting market.

Every match has its odds (odd). This makes a bet have value. Corruptors usually have a problem, that is if they manage to get a “player” to lose a match, they will bet for the eleven opponents to win. That way they will benefit.

The more money they fight over their “players”, the more money they will get. This is called a “betting market license”.

If the bettor (corruptor) installs too much money, the dealer will be suspicious that it will change. While they are too small, it will make the match settings unfeasible, making their bribes for “players” useless in the betting market.

For corruptors who do not have enough money, they will invite investors, who make corruptors accept as brokers: they agree to “players”, then go to investors who can provide them with a lot of money.

Therefore the bettor (corruptor) always tries to get caught, because the main point of the match fixing is to challenge the dealer in order to gain an advantage for the corruptor. Here the bookie opposes can be a “victim”, not a resistance.

This is also the reason that match fixing is more difficult to happen in important matches (like the World Cup) because the money that flows will be very large and also more successful. Match fixing happens in small leagues because “players” can be paid less (paid if “players” have not been paid for a long time) and no more difficult, because it takes a lot of care.

Direct Actor

In general, “player” score fixing is done by referees, players and team administrators (managers, team presidents, coaches, etc.). Still according to Hill, the average meeting success rate becomes large if someone bribes the team administrator (90.5% success) from the player (83.1%) or the referee (77.8%).

Why can eleven administrators prefer success to success? While referees and players are those who are directly on the field, which can affect the results / scores directly.

Basically, the more people involved in the “game”, the higher the chance of success. If someone can influence a team administrator, it means they can influence a team as a whole instead of individuals such as players or referees.

Match Fixing Path

In the line picture above, both players, referees, and administrator teams are “players” (invited to “play”, who are paid to lose). According to the normal route, there are those who bribe or order them to arrange a match, which is “corrupt”.

To build a path like the one above, there is a principle of trust that cannot be carelessly built. Therefore if a corruptor asks a player or referee to be involved, it is usually only temporary: done and forgotten.

However, corruptors who build trust in eleventh administrators can be more lasting, because they will enter into a system that is not affected by (for example) player movement or referee change.

Without this principle of trust, corruptors will not have the strength and certainty.

Indirect Actor

The problem is that corruptors cannot be directly involved. They need access to be able to invite referees, players, or administrators to “play”. They could have taken a direct approach. The problem is that most of them are outsiders.

If they decide on a direct approach, they must be smart in their approach, for example trying a hotel or a corridor with potential “players”. In direct practice, they can use prostitutes. While indirectly, they can pretend to be journalists who want to conduct interviews.

For this direct approach, the risk is greater for corruptors. Therefore they used to use the services of intermediaries commonly called runners or agents. This can make corruptors protected from detection, because the transaction process contains many layers.

This runner or agent also acts as a guarantor or guarantor, but some cannot act as guarantors. Can be a guarantor or not, runners still have the main power on access. They know who the “players” can be approached and who should be avoided (potentially complaining to the authorities).

In global practice, the role of runner is ideally taken by former players. Former players are those who really know the situation and field conditions. This type of runner can present the most efficient and promising “game” network.

Even so runners are also sometimes not people who know the exact conditions of the field, so he needs another “grip”, which can make the match-fixing path more layers. Because runners are people who know who can be “held”, those who can be “held” are usually called project managers.

Project managers are those who have direct influence on the “players”. Project managers are usually played by influential players, coaches, team owners, team officials, or federation officials.

With paths like this, even though they are long and multi-layered, they can make strong and difficult-to-detect networks. Those who are usually easily captured are also usually from the runner layer down (up to the “players”), while corruptors and upper people are more difficult to catch.

Big Shot Passive Class

In every action, corruptors certainly need protection. If they cannot get a protective figure from the guarantor (runner or agent), they will ask for a higher level, often underground.

In the 2011 Zimbabwe Football Federation report, match organizing groups from Asia were able to organize many of their national team matches for three years because they were protected by senior federation officials, players, and even reporters who raided the news of the match.

Other Asian match-fixer groups can also arrange European matches (mainly Italy and Eastern Europe) because they are protected by Balkan criminals who have access to players, referees and federation officials.

A dilapidated soccer competition has a higher percentage of pre-arranged matches than unregulated. Because this network has already happened “naturally”, the parties involved in it are already both know and need each other.

“Sometimes teams get along with each other. They want to help others. The bosses then bet on the outcome of the match. This happens a lot in the lower divisions, “said Milan Sapina, a corruptor, who confessed to Declan Hill in 2007.

Sapina said, the corruptors seemed to be able to manage the match easily for two reasons. First because they have alliances with other corruptors, especially in Asia. Secondly because they have connections to local football owners who have made match-fixing as their business strategy for personal gain.

From this we both know that the easiest “players” are those who also “play”. Those who also “play” are usually those in power and have a lot of money.

That also makes it impossible to strip the match-fixing case. Usually these people are the ones who play the role of “players” – even if they are passive – but the big classes. They are difficult to express and capture, and even if revealed, they can reverse the accusations; it’s the whistleblower who will be sentenced, not them. All because they have the power and have money.

So the question is: can this global practice be eradicated? Of course, I can. One that starts eradication is good detection. The police and the media play a large role there.

However match-fixing, despite its global scale, is public fraud; who got conned millions of people.

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How To Hack Online Soccer Gambling

January 11, 2020

How To Hack Online Soccer Gambling

The first way you can try to do is that you must register first at a gambling site that will be your target. You need to know how to find out that the server site is weak is very easy to know. Usually a weak server site will not use HTTPS or what is commonly referred to as SSL. If the online gambling agent site does not have security it will be very easy to be broken by hackers. In addition, if you play using a cellphone or laptop as well as you disable the antivirus. Although the purpose of the antivirus helps, but in this case you should just turn off the antivirus.

In addition to the above methods that we have provided in detail, there are other ways you can try to use, i.e. If you have registered with an online gambling agent who will become your target and turn off the antivirus on your cellphone or laptop. The next way you can use is to download the hacked application on your laptop or cellphone. So that the application can work well, the next step is to make a deposit to your target agent later if you have then you can play. These are some of the tips that we provide and you can try to use, hopefully our article is useful for you guys: D

Hello guys meet us again, on this occasion we will provide some information about online soccer gambling. The topic we will discuss this time is several ways to hack online soccer gambling sites on the internet but dont try it on sbobet site  because that site have really high security. Maybe before you already know there are many ways or tutorials that are widely circulated on the internet, whatever information you will get. Examples such as how to take the balance of online soccer gambling in an illegal way or called cheating. This method is the wrong way because it takes the chip without making a deposit transaction to the agent.

Before we get into our main topic, do you know what an online gambling game is. Online soccer gambling game is one of the very famous gambling games. Football gambling games are found all over the world and even in Indonesia. Actually this online soccer gambling game did not appear long ago but this gambling game has been very very famous. We have confirmed that this online soccer gambling game can be accepted by all people in various countries. This game is quite easy to play, other than that you can get bonuses for free from playing this online soccer gambling.

Hackers and Crackers

With technology that supports the development of gambling or from betting. From that it will be easier to access and more people will also participate in playing the game. And especially in some gambling sites have specialized in playing soccer gambling which provides an ease that can be played on a smartphone without having to have a high specification. And this is what causes this gambling game to become increasingly crowded which participates and makes a lifestyle of some people. Not only from the lower classes but also from the middle to upper classes can play the game.

How To Play Sportsbook Gambling Online On SBOBET

How To Play Sportsbook Gambling Online On SBOBET

August 10, 2019

In our article this time, we want to discuss and give a little hint of information to all of you who like to play soccer online. Maybe all of you already know what games are on sbobet But do you also know all the functions from the menu in the game? Or do you understand how to read the market and Odds in every game in the sportsbook?

To be easily understood we have provided images that you might be able to understand later. First we start with the yellow box on the top right, there you can see the amount of credit or coins contained in your account. As a note that for coins or credit in an online soccer match account 100 bets means IDR 100,000. For that, for those of you who are playing for the first time online, please pay attention to the nominal amount of the pair before betting.
The next stage you can see the red box that we have marked in the top left image, there are some menus that you might not know about.

Explanation of the menu / button in the sportsbook

My Bets: In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed. For that, for those of you who are confused about placing a bet for the team that is playing, please click directly on the My Bets menu.
Statement: For one menu you can see your partner’s history data that has been completed, to find out if the pair you bet wins or loses. Also in this menu you can see the history of transactions that have passed up to one week ago.
Balance: Balance is a place where you can count the number of your losses or the number of wins you have played since you first joined and played on sbobet
Announcements: For this one menu you can view reports or events that allow the online bookies to cancel your current pair or bet.Because it is possible that in a match you have installed there could be problems with bad weather conditions, or even riots in the field, so that all reports will be notified via this menu.

Types of online betting that can be played

For the third mark with a brown box, there are several types of products offered.Here is a little explanation from the menu that we have put a chocolate mark:

Home : Is the front page menu from the initial display.

Sports : Here you can find a variety of sports games that have been provided by the city, ranging from soccer, basketball, golf, ice hockey, and many others.

Live sports : is a menu where you can see the party of a game that is playing or in live.

Live Casino : is a menu that contains a variety of live casino games, ranging from live sic bo, baccarat live online, live casino Roullete and many others.

Racing : For this one menu you can play games in the form of races, one of which is a game of horse racing or racing. Which is where you can immediately see live on your laptop or PC while playing.

Games : contains a variety of games from slot games, or jackpot games in the form of machines.

For the type of match provided by this online sports gambling company you can see through the yellow box on the left. There you can find various choices that you can play. Starting from soccer, basketball, golf, badminton, baseball, tennis, etc.

How to read the online soccer gambling market at SBOBET

How to read the online soccer gambling market at SBOBET
Furthermore, to read the market or Odds we have given a green arrow. We start from the arrow pointing up with the words “first half”. In this menu you only play one round, or 45 minutes the first round in scoccer.

A description of the market in online betting

FH.HDP: 0.0, meaning that the market or Odds given by sbobet is a mockery.
0-0.5, meaning that the market or Odds given by sbobet is a quarter goal fur.
Home: if you want to choose the host club (arsenal) then you have to choose the black numbers written in numbers drawn 1.28. Which means if you install 100,000 and your arsenal wins, the payout you get will be Rp. 228,000. But if you lose, then only pay Rp 100,000. This number is the Odds given by Sbobet and can change at any time and is uncertain.

Away : but if you want to choose a club that is not a host (Bayern Munich) or an away club you can choose the numbers that are colored red, if drawn then the numbers -1.47. Which means if you install 100,000 and Bayern Munich wins, you will get Rp. 200,000. Meanwhile, if Bayern Muchen loses, he must pay Rp. 147,000
This number is the Odds given by Sbobet and can change at any time and is uncertain
FH.G : is a menu where you can choose a partner for the number of goals that can be created within 45 minutes of the first half. For this bet you can place a bet in the over / under column next to it. As a note for over-under pairs provided by online bookies is 1-1.5 and 1.50, it means the dealer opens the market one quarter goal and one half goal for you choose. When you choose 1-1.5 then the number of goals in the first half is two goals, it will win in full, but if in the first half there is only one goal then your partner will lose half. only one goal. Then you will experience a full defeat.

Example of how to read fur-furan handicaps on soccer betting
The second green arrow with handicap information is a bet made in full time, which is 2 x 45 minutes.

In the example of a handicap match between Arsenal VS Bayern Munchen the party from the city gives 3 markets consisting of: 0.50, 0-0.5, 0.5-1.

In the example of this match that gives fur is Bayern Munich with fur:

0.50 = fur half goal, at least Bayner Munchen must win one goal if you want to win full, but if the final score is then you lose full.
0-0.5 = fur a quarter of the goal, at least bayern munchen must win one goal if you want to win full, but if the final score is then you will only lose half.
0.5-1 = fur three quarters, here bayern munchen must win 2 goals if you want to win in full, but if the bavarian only wins 1 goal you will still win, but the payment amount is not full. But if the final score is balanced then your bet will be lost.

Over and Under

For the over-under game, the bookie also provides 3 different markets, namely: 3.0, 3-3.5, 2.5-3.

The following is an explanation for the numbers we have mentioned for the Over Under game:

3.0 = here if you set for Over then the total number of goals from this match must be at least 4 goals, if you want to win in full. However, if the number of goals is only 3 goals then the value of your bet draws, but if the number of goals created is only 2 goals then it will lose.
3-3.5 = meaning the dealer opens 3 quarter markets, meaning that if the number of goals in this party is only 3 goals then you will lose half of your bet amount. But if the number of goals in this match is more than 3 goals then it is certain that you will win if you bet over.
2.5-3 = For this market it is arguably the lowest, because the bookie party only opens markets for Over Under 2 three quarter. Which means that if the number of goals in this match is 3 goals then you still win half of the value of your bet, but if the number of goals in this match is only 2 goals then you will experience a full defeat in your bet.

Profesional Tips :

Never underestimate the uder dog team. They have lost value on paper, but not necessarily in betting he will definitely lose, always compare fur-furan with the Odds that occurs. If there is a high fur or Odds jump, then we may choose the market.

Hopefully this article from us can help you in understanding each menu and how to place bets contained in a single game or online soccer mix game.

If you are confused about how to get the game ID for betting on online soccer gambling sites or how to bet completely on each game, we recommend re-reading the previous article.

Input from us, while you are waiting for the soccer match to start, you can spend your time playing poker online, this is how to register. If you win in online poker, you can double the value of your bet on the soccer sportsbook.