Football Gambling Formula For Beginner

May 19, 2022

Football Gambling Formula For Beginners

What is over under in online soccer betting? Do you want to win big? Before heading into the game, it is better to know what OU means. Then there are any types of online ball installation. In the world of soccer gambling, there are various categories in placing live soccer bets. Several types of betting bets such as handicap, mix parlay, over under, 1×2, correct score and many more. Of these types, we will discuss about OU. Why are we discussing the bet? Of course, because it has advantages and many open ball markets for street ball matches.

How to Calculate the Over Under Football Gambling Game Market

Over under is a type of bet where you are required to guess the number of goals in a match. In this bet, you do not choose the team that wins and loses when competing. Because this type of bet can be classified as a single pair or multiple betting package. Do you already know the OU calculation? Alright, let’s see how it’s calculated.

0.5-1 (¾ BALL)

1. Win Over : If the match ends with 2 goals or more.
2. Win 1/2 Over : If the match ends so only 1 goal is scored.
3. Win Under : When in a match there is no goal at all.

1.50-2 (¾ BALL)

1. Win Over : If the match ends with 3 goals or more
2. Win 1/2 Over : If the match ends so only 2 goals is scored.
3. Win Under : There was only 1 goal in the game

2 (2 BALL)

1. Win Over : The number of goals scored in a match of 3 goals or more.
2. Draw or Draw: The match ends with only 2 goals scored. Example: 2-0, 1-1, 0-2

Football gambling formula

If you already understand how to playing and also calculations in the over under ball game. Are you ready to get a reap tens of millions of profits from ? We have a lot of powerful trick formula how to win in playing Football gambling. Are you curious? Let’s check the list of formula :

The Formula How To Win in Playing Over Under Football Gambling

The formula for playing OU that we have provided has been proven to generate tens of millions with only a small capital. We provide a tactics for playing online soccer gambling in Indonesia.


Each world league has a different goal average. Although it is still not known what causes it. We take the example of the Taiwan and Japan leagues 6.50 goals per game. Then English league which has the lowest goal score of 3.25. So in conclusion, the Asian league often plays with a score of 1 or 2. Much different from the English league which has a minimum score of 2 per game. If we conclude why the European leagues are more likely to end with big scores. So if you want to bet, pay attention to the number of goals the team will compete with.


John Haigh wrote a book called “Taking Chanes”. Found the table calculates the probability of occurrence of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or more of the total percentage of goals per game. With the example table above, it is easy to determine a goal in a match. For example the home team has an average chance of 1.2 goals and the away team 0.8. So the percentage of chances is under 2.5. How to calculate a formula is very easy to do, first thing you have to determine the correct score first.

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If you already get the percentage, the possibility is under from the example above. The safest way is to determine good odds to play. To change the percentage that has been made to decimal odds = 100/possibility. Like the example above, the possibility is under 2.5 with a percentage of 67.56%. That can be put into the formula to be 100/67.56 = 1.48. You understand what it means? That means you have to place if the given odds are higher than 1.48. Can this method work? Than you wonder in your heart. Why not bet and try the right formula that we give you.