How to Play Sbobet Basketball

June 25, 2021

How to Play Sbobet Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular games and it is often the talk of many people. Because in addition to being very exciting, this basketball game is also very cool to use as a betting material, just like in football games.

But unfortunately not everyone knows how to play sbobet basketball correctly. So they don’t know how to calculate and place bets on basketball games, such as the NBA, NBL or NCAA. So don’t be surprised if there are some bettors who become discouraged from playing basketball sbobet, because they don’t know how to play basketball sbobet.

For this reason, in order to overcome this, we will now present a quote about how to play sbobet basketball based on pur bets, then how to place a bet, and even how to calculate the score for the type of basketball sport.

How to Play Sbobet Basketball

As we have said that not everyone knows how to play sbobet basketball correctly, for this reason we will give an example of playing sbobet basketball, including:

For example, when you enter a match in the second half of basketball, where in general the quarters in a basketball game are 4 quarters or rounds, so if you enter the second half, then you will be counted 1-2 quarters as the first half, while for 3 – 4 quarters are counted as second half. For this reason, if you place a First Half bet, it means you only bet on quarters 1-2, and vice versa if you place Full Time for this type of bet, it means you have played in the 1-4 quarter round.

How to Play Sbobet Basketball based on Pur – an

Play Sbobet Basketball

If previously we only discussed examples of how to play sbobet basketball, now is the time to tell us how to play sbobet basketball based on the pur – pur – by the way, which in general, whether in basketball matches or soccer matches, actually these two games are not there is a difference, when talking about the pur-an given. Because for this type of purge, it is not calculated from the number of goals created, but from the number of points created. Here’s how to play sbobet basketball based on the rules, including:

In playing sbobet basketball, it is divided into 2 types, namely for non live betting, and also live betting. Which we will describe as follows:

Non Live Betting

For this type of bet, it is one of the bets from sbobet for basketball matches that have not yet taken place. These bets include:

Asian Handicap

This type of bet is divided into odds and furans that have been determined by the Sbobet bet itself.

First To Score

As for this type of bet, a bet placed based on who will score the point score for the first time. However, if it turns out that the match is canceled or even postponed after a team has scored its first score, then your bets will still be valid and still run.

Highest Scoring Team per Quarter

Meanwhile, this one is a type of sbobet bet where you can win this bet if you manage to choose the team with the highest score for 1 Quarter, but not for the Overtime round.

Last to score

As the name implies, which means the last score, then you can say you have won this bet if you have chosen a team that was able to score the last time.

Odds / Even

Odd or even This is a bet that asks you to choose whether the outcome of the match will end with an even / odd score.


While for this one, you are asked to place a bet about the ranking on a team that will play a match.

Over / Under

Over and under is as the name suggests, so you bet based on the result of the over/under score of a predetermined one.

Race to 20

While for race to 20 this is a bet where you can choose which team will score 20 in the upcoming match.

Running Live Betting

Unlike non live betting, for running live betting at this is a bet that starts from an ongoing match. What is certain is that the way to play basketball sbobet for this type of bet only includes the Asian Handicap (fur – furan) and Over Under bets that have been set by SBOBET itself.

Well, that was about how to play sbobet basketball based on the fur – furan that has been set by sbobet. Of course if you want to bet on this match, then always try to bet on the right agent. So you will not lose with things that are not desirable.

Because as it is known that there are many bettors in the world who have failed and lost, to the point of being devastated just because he has failed to choose the right agent. That’s why if you still haven’t found the right agent, then just click here. We make sure that by joining us, we will tell you about how to play easy basketball sbobet and other things that will benefit you