How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap

October 15, 2022

How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap

As you already know, online soccer betting has odds values ​​that can affect your profits. Different football markets have different methods of calculating odds formulas. Also, many types of online soccer betting have negative and positive ball odds. And although online soccer betting sites have calculated the results of winning soccer betting. But you still need to know the formula of this football betting. Get to know the secret codes of soccer odds that you can use to achieve big profits. So, let’s discuss everything for every market step by step. Examples of display images are explained in an easy-to-understand way for beginners and those who are developing their betting skills. It starts with reading the odds, the underball winning formula, a knowledge of ball parlays and other ball betting calculations.

Basic Explanation Of The Odds Of Soccer Betting

How To Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap
The definition of odds (height) in online soccer betting, according to one of the Sbobet online agents. Odds (height) is the coefficient value for sportsbook betting. It is usually fixed as a number, sometimes with plus and minus signs (+-). Everything goes back to the type of probability itself and where we choose the ball market. Therefore, we can conclude that the odds are the chance in decimal form and affect the income you will get. And, as explained above, probability can also be called khei in the form of minus (-).

The odds value can also be interpreted as a measure of which team will compete The purpose of this benchmark is to also know that soccer teams have different advantages. That way, odds and k values ​​are created to operate a fair football betting system between the two parties. There is also a term better known as handicap or voor/vooran in online soccer betting. And handicap is also a decimal form that can only be found in a small number of betting types. So when odds are created to provide a fair system for betting. Handicap values ​​are closer to match results. However, these two were created to provide a fair football betting system. However, there is one thing you need to know. A benchmark is just a benchmark that cannot be used as a determining factor in winning a football match. As the old one saying it goes, the ball is round. Therefore, the victory of the soccer team cannot be predicted and is 100% accurate. And these are some basic explanations of the odds of online soccer betting. Here’s how to calculate the soccer betting odds formula for different types of markets.

How To Calculate Odds Formula For Handicap Soccer Betting

Calculate Football Betting Odds Formula In Handicap
The first type of market we will discuss is handicap soccer betting odds. And handicap bets have plus and minus or chi odds values. Here’s how to calculate the odds formula in handicap soccer betting: And to bet on the ball handicap market, simply tap on one team’s odds type. Doing so will change the selected odds value to the same value as -1.13 above. So, here’s how to calculate odds and k values ​​in handicap markets:

  • Handicap probability formula or positive probability value

If you place 100 on Arsenal with handicap value of 0-0.5 or -¼ (minus a quarter) and a odds value of 1.05. So, if you lose, your balance will be deducted according to your bet amount. In other words, because you lost, your 100 bets are immediately forfeited. However, if you win the bet, your profit is 1.05 (probability) x 100 = 105. Doing so will increase your credit balance by 205, including any previously installed capital.

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  • Khei handicap formula or negative probability value

If you bet 100 on Everton with a handicap value of -1.13 and odds of -1.13. And if you win, you get 200 profit including installed capital. However, how to calculate the loss if you lose, you can use the following formula: 1.12 (probability) x 100 (bet) = 112. Then the balance is deducted by 112 because negative probability values ​​have a tax called khei.